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Akins Lawal

I was born and raised in South Arlington, VA. I was a safety patrol at Randolph Elementary School. I was a talented wrestler at Thomas Jefferson Middle School.But when it was time for me to go to high school, I traveled to Africa -- Lagos, Nigeria. During my travels, I learned new languages. I reconnected with distant relatives. I experienced the beautiful imagery of Africa. And I developed a deeper appreciation for family, life, and culture.

Africa is where the seed was sown. It is the place where my love of imagery and photography came to manifest. Not a day went by that didn't lend itself to producing the most beautiful and provocative photographs. At that moment, I realized that I wanted to document and create art through photography. It would take another ten years for this dream to come to fruition. But it happened.

I love photographing people, entrepreneurship, tea, traveling, rugby, football and chilling with family and friends. I have a beautiful wife named Laura. And we have two beautiful boys named Isaiah and Remi, who are my smile waiting to happen.